To Apply for a Scholarship
 Please download and send us a hard copy.

MoCo Arts believes that all students should have the opportunity to experience the arts. To that end, we offer a scholarship program for all classes, camps and workshops. The funds are limited and allocated for different times of the year. Students interested in scholarship can submit a signed, completed MoCo Arts Scholarship application along with a copy of the most recent IRS form 1040 that lists the applicant as either taxpayer or dependent. Both documents need to be received by the deadline (see dates below) in order for the application to be complete.

Awards will be based on the financial need of the applicant and will not exceed 50% of tuition. Awards will be given based on a percentage of the total cost of the classes applicant is signing up for. Students signing up for both semesters (Sep – Jun) should list that on their application and the award will be for both semesters. Applicant (or parent/guardian) agrees to pay balance of the charges. A non-refundable scholarship review fee of $25 is required at the time of application. This will be applied to the tuition charge.

For those students applying for scholarship, a payment of 50% of tuition is due upon registration. We offer payment plans to spread tuition costs over the length of the class. Payment plans can be set up to either be monthly or bi-monthly on either the 1st and/or 20th of each month. Payment plans will incur a cost of $2.50 per payment, charged in advance in the first payment. Payments can either be made by automatically charging a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) or by providing post dated checks.  Accounts must be in good standing to be considered for scholarships.

Summer Programs: June 1st
Fall Programs: August 15th
Spring Programs: December 15th

Applications will be accepted up to the deadline; customers can expect notification of award to take place within one week.  Applications received after the deadline will be assessed by the Review Board with no guarantee of award, subject to the availability of funds.